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Field and gameplay rules
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TOPIC: Field and gameplay rules

Field and gameplay rules 2 years, 6 months ago #1

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If you are a guest or cannot load the PDF, here is a giant wall of text explaining everything.

The purpose of this document is to publicly display our rules so that our current and future players may understand what is required to safely play at our field. Safety is our number one priority, and any violation of our rules will result in a game admin taking action. Hopefully this outline will demonstrate what we look for in every player and how we safely run our facility. If there are any questions about our rules or if you need something explained, please contact us. There is reasoning behind everything we do. If you would like to suggest a rule change or you don’t like something, don’t be afraid to contact us!

Airsoft replica handling:
1. Players must demonstrate that they know the following basic principles in handling a weapon:
a. Proper trigger control. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
b. Proper muzzle control. Do not point your gun at something you do not intend to shoot.
c. Always look at your target when firing your weapon.
i. If you are not able to see your shots, it is considered blindfire and will result in being removed from the game.
ii. Do not stick just your gun out from around a corner when shooting. Also stick out your head and watch where you aim.
d. When in the safe zone, unload magazines from all weapons and make sure there is not a round in the chamber.
2. When in the staging area, players are expected to do the following:
a. Remove magazines from ALL weapons. (including sidearms and LMGs)
b. Unplug battery. (if applicable)
c. Put on a barrel condom. (if the player has one)
d. Never test or dry fire a gun.
e. Demonstrate proper weapon handling.
3. When coming off the game field in to the staging area, players are expected to:
a. Remove magazines from your weapons.
b. Shoot your weapon a few times at the ground to ensure the chamber is cleared.
c. Put barrel condoms back on weapons. (if the player has one)
• Players should perform the above actions as soon as “cease fire” is called on the field.
Staging area/parking lot:
1. Players should never dry fire or test guns from the staging area.
a. Go to the chrono station with eye pro to adjust your hopup or test your replica.
2. For two day events, please contact us if you plan on bringing an RV or trailer so that we may park you in a spot that does not jeopardize parking.
3. Although our parking lot isn’t small, we encourage players to always carpool.
4. Speed limit through the parking lot is 5MPH and is enforced by potholes.
Hit calling:
1. Players must call hit in such a fashion that their enemy is aware they are no longer in the game.
a. Raise hand and call out “hit!”
b. Display red cloth or “dead rag” to signify you are dead.
c. Raise weapon or hand as you walk back to spawn point.
d. Wave hand around corners before walking out in to the open to avoid getting shot while you are hit.
2. If a BB hits anything you are wearing it is considered a hit.
a. Hits do not apply to guns you are carrying.
b. BB is out of play if it ricochets off of a wall or other hard material.
c. This includes your hair, helmet straps, magazines on your chest rig, and even your boot laces.
3. One BB hit takes you out of the game. We don’t play by, “I got shot in this hand so I can’t use this hand anymore.”
4. When you are dead, you are considered a “dead man.”
a. You do not give any information when you are dead. Do not tell your teammates where the enemy is located or any information that may be considered a benefit to them.
1. All players are REQUIRED to have proper eye protection. Examples:
a. Steel mesh (stamped)
b. Ballastic rated goggles/glasses
i. ANSI Z87.1 2003
ASTM F17666-01 (or higher)
c. Paintball masks
d. ***Ski goggles or similar will NOT be allowed***
2. Players under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to have full face protection! Examples:
a. Paintball mask
b. Lower face mesh with goggles/glasses
c. Must be hard; cannot be a balaclava or shemagh
3. All required equipment must be worn on the field AT ALL TIMES!
a. Removal of required equipment results in immediate removal of the game.
4. All players are RECOMMENDED to play in comfortable and sturdy equipment.
a. Boots or good shoes
b. Long pants
c. Gloves
d. Knee pads
5. Players are recommended to have a red dag rag on their person to display when they are out of the game.
6. For “milsim” style games such as Siberian Strike and Walk the Line, players are SUGGESTED to have the following to enhance their experience:
a. Radio and headset
b. Midcap magazines
c. Replicas that match the team they are fighting for
7. ALWAYS check event information on Facebook for additional requirements. Some events are pre-registration ONLY and registration closes 3-10 days before the event, or if spots fill up.
a. For example, in 2018, Siberian Strike II requires players to wear proper camo for the team they wish to play for. They may wear any mix of approved camos. (Multicam and DCU can be worn simultaneously)
i. This game also requires certain positions to carry certain equipment. For example, squad leaders and above MUST have radios.
1. All players must be 10 years or older to play.
2. Anyone younger than 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older.
3. Waivers are required for each game!
a. All players under 18 require parent/guardian signature!
b. Can be found here: www.nitehawkairsoft.com/images/release_f...aintball_airsoft.pdf
4. Transparent/translucent or metal BBs are not permitted on the field. Rule of thumb is .2-.5 gram BBs are permitted.
a. Bioval .27 and other acrylic BBs are also banned.
5. Drugs and alcohol are never permitted at our field and you will be asked to leave immediately if we suspect you are under the influence.
6. Firearms, fireworks, large knives, and other dangerous non-airsoft equipment is not permitted on the property.
Muzzle velocity and corresponding engagement distances:
• To be qualified for a category, you must have 3 shots in a row at or under the FPS limit. For example, 399, 401, 400, and 397 would NOT pass, but 400, 403, 397 396, and 398 would, because it had three shots in a row. However, due to field insurance, NO shots may go over 500.
• All chrono readings are assumed to be with .2 gram BBs.
• MED = minimum engagement distance, or the closest distance you can be to fire at a target with a specific weapon.
• During the chrono process, all players MUST wear eye protection.
• All admins running chrono MUST load player’s mags with .2 gram BBs. We prefer players to bring an empty midcap for us to load.
• Please bring all replicas you intend on using to the chrono area.
1. CQB
a. 350 FPS or lower
b. No MED
2. Field
a. 351-400 FPS
b. 20 feet MED
a. 400-450 FPS
b. 50 feet MED
4. Bolt action sniper rifle (BASR)*
a. 400-500 FPS
b. 75 feet MED
DMR/LMG specific rules:
• Remember, a player can use an M249 or SVD, or any other LMG/DMR style weapon and avoid the test if it is under 400 FPS!
• Again, if you own a DMR, LMG, or BASR style replica, you are NOT required to be 16 and take our test to be able to use those weapon styles.
1. All replicas must be a clone of a real life DMR or LMG.
a. This shows that these players are committed to the role they wish to play.
b. Prevents guns like MP5s being misused.
c. Enhances immersion for specific game types, particularly military simulation style games.
d. Balances playstyle as these guns are typically significantly larger and harder to handle, but with the tradeoff of more firepower.
2. LMG
a. 30 RPS limit
b. Too many variants allowed to list, but if it comes with a box mag, it’s likely allowed.
c. For specific events, the amount of LMGs on the field will be restricted, regardless of FPS.
i. These are typically just our milsim games and it will be noted in our event description on facebook.
d. Must replicate a real LMG.
i. Examples: M249, M240B, PKP Pecheneg, RPK
ii. Rule of thumb: If it comes with a box mag or is designed to use box mags, it is likely permitted.
3. DMR
a. No winding magazines allowed. (limit of 200 rds per mag)
b. Must be locked to semi-automatic. (mechanical or electric)
i. Supergluing a lego to the receiver to prevent full auto does not count.
c. Must replicate a real DMR; ask if you are unsure if your replica style is permitted.
i. Examples: MK17, MK20 SSR, MK12 SPR, M14, SVD, SVU, SR25, M1 Garand, HK417
ii. Rule of thumb: If its real steel counterpart shoots 7.62 NATO, it is likely permitted.
4. All players are required to be 16 years or older and must possess an ID for proof.
5. Requires a secondary weapon 350 FPS or lower.
a. Secondary weapons do NOT have to be pistols.
b. You MUST carry your secondary at ALL TIMES.
i. You may leave your LMG or DMR behind to go clear a building, but you may NEVER leave your secondary behind.
Bolt action sniper specific rules (BASR):
1. All rifles must be single shot action.
a. A spring SVD may fit in to this category – it does not have to perfectly replicate a bolt action!
2. Mag capacity limit of 75 rds.
3. Players must be 16 years or older and possess an ID for proof.
4. The bolt pull may not be shortened from stock configuration.
5. No shots may go over 500 FPS.
a. This is the limit granted to us by insurance and it is a HARD limit; the limit is not 500.1 FPS, it is 500 FPS.
6. Similar to DMR/LMG users, BASR users are required to carry a secondary that shoots 350 or below at all times.
a. It does not have to be a pistol, but can be another BASR that shoots 350, or even an LMG that shoots 350.
Safety kills:
• A safety kill is when a player has the drop (enemy is unaware of the other player’s presence) against an opponent and they approach them and call out “safety kill.”
1. Bang bang, surrender or other calls are allowed, but we recommend “safety kill” so that all players are on the same page.
2. The player that is being killed has the option to attempt to turn around and shoot the attacker
a. If this occurs, the attacker is allowed to shoot.
3. Players have the option to use nerf swords, rubber knives, or other foam/rubber “weapons” to perform a melee style kill.
a. All melee kills must be a light tap, preferably on the shoulder.
b. The melee weapons may not be plastic and MUST be rubber or foam.
c. If performing this, you do not have to call out safety kill, but rather the phrase “ranger kill.”
4. In the event two players meet and call out safety kill, they may call a “parlay.”
a. Both players may walk back to the nearest spawn point or walk 200 feet; whichever is closer.
1. The following grenades are permitted at our field:
a. Enola Gaye products (must be purchased through us, and use is dependent on field conditions)
b. Thunder V/Thunder B
c. Airsoft innovations grenades
d. If you have a different product we did not list, please contact us about it.
2. Sound emitting grenades have a kill radius of 15 feet.
3. Do not pick up grenade cores that are not yours. (write your name on them)
4. Grenade kills do not count if you are between hard cover (building walls) and the grenade goes off on the other side.
a. Trees and bushes do not count as hard cover!
5. Do not throw grenades down in to buildings or up from inside buildings!
a. Pretend all buildings have a solid roof.
6. Grenade launchers are allowed. However, we only allow grenades that emit a shower of BBs at this time. TAG/MSR rounds are not permitted on the field regardless of field condition.
a. This also includes mortars. If these products are used, they must be used by staff ONLY.
1. No players are allowed to confront other players and accuse them of breaking the rules. All players must seek out a game admin if a player is cheating.
2. Any physical confrontation gets both parties banned from the field for life!
3. Any verbal confrontation gets both parties removed from the field the rest of the day.
4. All cheating and rule breaking must be reported to admins.
Cease fire and medic actual:
1. “Cease fire” should be followed by either a “game over” (only called out by game admins) or by the issue that has come up on the field.
a. We understand it is hard to remember what to do in the heat of the moment sometimes. If there is a fire, simply yell “Fire! Cease fire!”
b. When there is a medic issue, call out “medic actual!” and wait for assistance.
i. Anyone that is medically trained should have a basic med kit with them on the field. This kit should include, but is not limited to: Gauze, band-aids, ace bandages, medical tape, disinfectants, scissors, tweezers and latex-free gloves.
ii. Keep calling out “medic actual” until you see that assistance is on the way.
iii. “Medic actual” is synonymous with “cease fire” and should procedurally be the same.
2. When “cease fire” is called, remove you magazine immediately and fire a few shots into the ground to clear the chamber. Eye protection must stay on until you are back in the staging area.
3. During briefing, we will ask all medically trained and properly equipped personnel to raise their hands so that you may get an idea of who has band-aids, and who can assist you in a situation if needed. They may only help you if you explicitly state so. These players should all come when “medic actual” is called.
• How to register for a game changes from game to game.
• We accept cash or card for onsite payment!
• For milsim games, you may be required or heavily encouraged to buy your ticket online though www.nitehawkairsoft.com
• Some games require that you pay in advance so that the event may be planned accordingly and that we can organize players into squads. Pre-registration typically closes the week before or the Wednesday before the start of the event.
Game admins:
1. All game admins will have a “Nitehawk referee” card displayed on their gear or hidden away in a pocket or pouch.
a. Just because it says they are one of ours refs on their facebook profile, it does not mean they are a ref on the field.
2. Whatever a game admin says is final and cannot be changed.
3. If an admin is asked to watch over a player, they will put on a dead rag or a brightly colored vest.
a. If an admin does not have a dead rag or brightly colored vest, they should ask another admin to borrow theirs.
4. For some games, admins may have dedicated uniforms and may not be required to wear a dead rag or brightly colored vest while watching over another player.
a. Ex: blue jeans and red shirts (something like this will only happen if there are uniform requirements for that game)
5. We may need basic admin roles for games and will reward players for their hard work.
a. Basic admin roles include things like rocketeer admin, where they ensure that all players within the effective area of the rocket or inside the building that was hit are dead. Another basic role is vehicle admin, where the admin makes sure that the vehicle knows it was hit and uses its signal to declare that it is “dead”
Vehicle rules:
1. Any rockets or other projectiles that are launched with a compressed air may be used to disable vehicles and prevent them from moving.
2. Drivers must NEVER go in reverse without guidance from TWO game admins.
3. Drivers must be approved by the field owner.
4. All players must remain at least 20 feet away from the vehicle if it is currently moving or about to move.
5. Privately owned vehicles are allowed.
a. Good tires are required.
b. You must have a flag or some other sort of signal to show when the vehicle is out of play.
c. Please contact us if you would like to use your vehicle at LEAST two full weeks before the event.
6. Vehicles must remain in first gear and may not exceed 10 MPH.
a. Stay in 1st gear almost all the time.
7. Vehicles may only drive on cleared roads.
a. Some roads may be rough and slightly overgrown, but they are still fine to drive on. Ask an admin if you are unsure.
Drones and photography:
• Sometimes we are given a great favor to have talented photographers come out to our field and photograph players during games.
1. Any player caught purposely shooting a drone, its operator, or a photographer will be immediately removed from the game.
2. All photographers and drone operators are required to have a bright colored vest and eye protection.
a. If using FPV headset, you must pilot from the staging area/parking lot.
3. Drones should stay well above the trees to avoid a collision. Therefore, all drones must be operated at heights of 50 feet or above.
4. It is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure all activity with their drone is legal.
• Phone: (509) 919-4569
• Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/nitehawkairsoft
• Instagram: @nitehawkairsoftandpaintball

Change log:
9/27/2017 – Document created
10/4/17 – Covered “medic actual” and “cease fire,” fixed some grammatical/spelling errors, added more detail where needed, added “contact” section, changed font and font size so it’s easier to read
10/31/17 – Covered drones, photography, and vehicle rules, changed wording, added grenade launcher rules, added “deadman” rules, added cases for possible event reqs
We strive to provide the most enjoyable airsoft experience possible!
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Re: Field and gameplay rules 1 year, 7 months ago #2

Updated. Please let us know if you have questions, concerns, or need something explained.
We strive to provide the most enjoyable airsoft experience possible!
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Re: Field and gameplay rules 1 year, 7 months ago #3

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Thanks for posting!
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Re: Field and gameplay rules 1 year, 6 months ago #4


In the above post, it states sniper (BASR) fps ranges up to 500fps. However, if you click on the 'Rules & Field Locations' in the menu to the left, in there it states up to 550fps/2.8 joules. Please clarify which is to be followed.

Also, it lists the weight of BB's from .20 up to .43, and I was wondering why higher weight bb's cannot be used, like the .46's? Is this to combat joule creep? I'm new to the game, so just trying to understand, thank you!


Re: Field and gameplay rules 1 year, 6 months ago #5

Our field is separate from EWA/this website. We just merely use it as a place to post our field rules in case someone does not have a facebook account.

The main difference is our field insurance. I believe EWA has some sort of insurance or liability thing, but ours is different from theirs.

The highest our insurance allows us to go is 500 FPS with a .2 gram BB.

We allow up to .5 at our field! Anything higher is usually not plastic and therefore not allowed.

Let us know if you have any other questions!
We strive to provide the most enjoyable airsoft experience possible!
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Re: Field and gameplay rules 1 year, 6 months ago #6


Ahh okay, that all makes sense now, thank you!
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