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Sniper/DMR/LMG test - everything you need to know!
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TOPIC: Sniper/DMR/LMG test - everything you need to know!

Sniper/DMR/LMG test - everything you need to know! 2 years, 8 months ago #1

Passing the test:

You will need to understand and know our rules. A general outline can be found here: www.facebook.com/NitehawkAirsoft/about/?tab=page_info
All the information here will help you pass the test. The test is fairly easy, and consists of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and a simple essay question.
The only thing that is left for you do to is get an extremely good feeling of where 50 feet is.

However, we will break it down on this forum post to help eliminate any confusion you may have.

General rules:
You must be 16 years of age and have proof of age (drivers license).
Any replica (including secondary) can be powered however you wish (CO2, AEG, spring, HPA)
BB weights must range from .2-.5.
When engaging, aim for center mass.
There are no attachment requirements, you are free to setup you replica however you wish.

Engagement distances:
If you are required to take this test, you have two minimum engagement distances. This means you must engage a target from this distance or farther.
The first one is 50 feet. This is with your replica that shoots 401-450 FPS with a .2 gram BB.
Or, it is 75 feet if you are using a bolt action sniper rifle that shoots from 401-500 FPS with a .2 gram BB.
The second one is 0 feet. You have no minimum engagement distance because your secondary is 350 FPS or lower with a .2 gram BB.

LMG specific rules:
The max rate of fire you can have is 30 rounds per second (1800 RPM).
It must be a clone of a real steel LMG. This is to level the playing field, so players must carry heavy weapons to make the game more balanced. Replicas can be modifed, but the base receiver set must be of a real steel counterpart. For example, you can buy an M249 and remove the stock a bipod entirely to make it more compact or whatever you wish,

DMR specific rules:
Your replica must be locked into semi-auto only. IT MUST BE MECHANICAL. NO LOCK = CAN'T PLAY!
It must be a clone of some sort of real steel DMR. Throwing a scope on your M4 does not count. The guns can be modified (sawed off M14, shortened SR25, etc.) We do ask that you try to not make your SCAR H CQC into a DMR, although it is allowed.
Approved replicas and variants: SR25, M14, G3, G28, HK417, FN FAL, SCAR H, SVD, M110, MK12 SPR, and SVU.
No winding mags; mags must be loaded by a loader of some sort.

Sniper specific rules:
Can be anything, as long as it is a bolt action.

Again, attachment requirements are nonexistent. However, if you do happen to use a 5.56mm based platform, it would be a good idea for you to have some attachments to prove you are a committed player. We do not want people using hot guns because they don't know how to remedy the situation.

Secondary weapons:
Can replicate anything. If you want two M249s, one with CQB limit and one with the highest FPS allowed, then you can do that.

Distance judgment:
We suggest buying a measuring tape to measure 50 feet. Go out to a local park, or even your back yard, and walk towards an object until you think you are 50 feet away from it. Mark your position and then measure. Pick a different object and try again. Repeat until you feel safe judging 50 feet. You will be judged on moving targets and various objects.
We strive to provide the most enjoyable airsoft experience possible!
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