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Our chrono policy/procedure
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TOPIC: Our chrono policy/procedure

Our chrono policy/procedure 2 years, 8 months ago #1

In an effort to increase safety standards and emulate larger/more successful fields/events, we are establishing our new chrono policy and outlining the procedure for any players who may have not even had a chance to chrono their replica before.

For new players who do not know what chrono is, here is a basic run down -
Chronographs are used to calculate muzzle velocity. Muzzle velocity must be regulated because of new insurance policies. Muzzle velocity is measured to ensure players are having a safe time, and to prevent those from using high powered replicas to injure other players.

Players should bring the following with them to the chrono station:

- All replicas they plan on using (including back up weapons and sidearms)
- Unloaded midcap magazines for those weapons (we will not take your word that there are 0.20 gram loaded) This is not required, but strongly recommended as it makes chrono go much, much more smoothly.
- Eye protection
- Whatever they need to shoot their replica (gas, batteries, etc.)
***IMPORTANT! An admin must watch you fill green gas mags with green gas or put in a new CO2 canister into the magazine.
*There has been confusion among players that you are now required to use midcaps while playing. You can use any mag you wish while playing. We understand that buying an additional mag may be expensive and a hassle, but it will save a lot of time if you bring your own. It is not required, but you should bring it.

While you are walking through the parking lot to the chrono station, please cover your barrel (if you own a barrel condom), put your replica on safe, remove the magazine, and disconnect the battery (if electric). Before crossing the porta potty, please put on your eye protection. An admin will not let you chrono with unapproved eye protection (regular glasses, nerf goggles, etc.).

After you have successfully chronoed your replica, any of the four following actions will occur:

- You will be given a zip tie and told you have no minimum engagement distance for that replica (350 fps or under)
- You will be given a zip tie and told you have a minimum engagement distance of 20 feet with that replica (351-400 fps)
- You will be asked to take the sniper/DMR/LMG test (if you haven't already). If you pass, you will be given a zip tie and told you have a minimum engagement distance of 50 feet, and that you are required to have a sidearm that is 350 fps or under (401-450/500 fps). The limit for DMR/LMG replicas is 450, and the limit for bolt action snipers is 500.
- You will be asked to leave your replica locked away in your car and you will not be given a zip tie, therefore permission not to use that replica (451/501+ fps)

Any player caught skipping or refusing to chronograph their replica(s) will be asked to leave or chrono their replica(s). There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

We use exclusively xcortech chronographs, specifically the x3200 mk3 and x3500. We believe these to be the most accurate on the market, and they have several functions that have proven themselves useful for safety. We suggest owning one yourself. This is because some chronographs can either read low/high, inconsistently, or not read at all. If you own one yourself, they will read the same.

All players are subject to shoot through a chrono before, during, and after a game, regardless of who they are, what gun they're using, and bb weight they use.
We strive to provide the most enjoyable airsoft experience possible!
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