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TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate
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TOPIC: TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate

TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate 5 years, 5 months ago #1

  • k3n
  • TF Kilo CO
  • Katana/K-21
  • Posts: 873

US Forces Registration is OPEN! 2 spot left!
Eastern Bloc Forces Registration is CLOSED! 0 spot left!
Civilian Registration is OPEN

Please read over the rules carefully before signing up. This game is intended to have a quasi "mil-sim" feel. This is squad/team based as well as some role playing. Lone wolfing or disobeying orders will NOT be tolerated. There will be plenty of trigger time but it is not our main objective. If you are looking for just trigger time, this is NOT the event for you.

There will be no alcohol or illegal substances permitted at this event. If you bring alcohol or are intoxicated, or in possession of illegal substances at this event, you will be escorted off the field and asked to leave.


They came. We never expected them. I guess we should have. Our military spread too far and too thin. We just weren't ready. SAM sites were the first to go as well as Pendleton, and McChord. Most of us were just students at UCA or part-time at Wal-Mart. I remember when KXLY first aired the attacks. They struck fast and they struck hard. No nuclear weapons. They didn't want to upset other nations. Instead, it was a quick strike through Washington and up through North Idaho. Luckily, the 122nd came in and stopped their advances. That was months ago. We were promised relief but our counter attacks are slow. Too slow. We decided to stand up and fight. Will you?


  • March 8th, 2014

Location and Area of Operation:

The Barn. Directions can be found by Clicking Here

Parking will be tight. Carpooling is recommended. Only park on the playing area side of the road. Do not park on the railroad side. Please feel free to park in the loading area if you have a DNR discover parking pass. DNR discover parking passes can be bought from most walmarts and anywhere that sells fish and game permits.

Area of Operation Map:


0900: Registration and Chrono
0930: Safety Briefing
1000: Scenario 1 Begins
1045: Scenario 1 ends; scenario 2 begins
1245: Lunch/Safety Break
1300: Scenario 2 resumes
1600: Event Ends

Please arrive on time. We WILL start at 9:30 and you WILL NOT be permitted to join the group mid scenario unless you contact me previously.

Rules and Waivers:

Most EWA rules will be followed during this event. This includes and is not limited to FPS, engagement distances, eye protection, etc. All adjustments to the rule set have been addressed below. By signing up for the event, you are accepting the rules.

Please familiarize yourself with EWA rules by Clicking Here

EWA waivers also must be filled out for the year of 2014. You can download the waiver by Clicking Here

Please also make note that we are capping FPS at 400 for all participants. This is to maintain safety for the event. In order to receive permission to operate above the prescribed FPS limit, you must contact the event coordinator BEFORE the game and the event coordinator must personally approve such weapon for operation. The event will be limited to one above 400 FPS rifle to every 5 participants (or fireteam).


If you would like to be a certain team with a group, please note it when you post. Also note that teams will NOT be capped. There is always an open spot, but you are required to sign up by posting on your account or through another (with their permission). If the teams need to be balanced, individuals will be moved before teams.

United States Armed Forces: 122nd Mountain Division Temporarily Closed

The 122nd Mountain Division is the proud fighting force currently engaged in the Washington threatre. Although the fight has been difficult and rough, hope has spread from word of a new planned offensive. The offensive relies on the 122nd's ability to capture and hold Spokane, Washington.

Camo Recommendations: NATO and Western European preferred. NO Civilian attire. NO solid coloring.
Weapon Limitations: NATO preferred

United States Forces Player Packet can be found below! It is important for you to read this thoroughly and make sure you completely understand it! It can be found below:

Clicking Here To View Player Packet


  • Khang (CO)
  • Sabin (XO)

Fireteam 1:

  • Jeremy Butler - Team Leader
  • Connor Mccullough
  • Dan Demasi
  • Chauncey Smalls
  • Taylor Martel

Fireteam 2:

  • Stephen (BlackWidow) - Team Leader
  • Matt Aune
  • Chuck
  • Parker Jungworth
  • Nick Tatyrn

Fireteam 3:

  • Eli (Navysealeli) - Team Leader
  • Issac Baker
  • Colton Ware
  • Erik Ostrom
  • Javier Soto

Fireteam 4:

  • Mark van Dyke - Team Leader
  • Ben Johnson
  • Abe Baik
  • Ryan (Eli's Party)
  • -

Fireteam 5:

  • Jared Hinkle - Team Leader
  • Alex Martin
  • Dale
  • Josh Dillman
  • -

Fireteam 6:

  • Seth Berkowitz - Team Leader
  • Nick Morrow
  • Nathan Peterson
  • Dale's Party
  • Dale's Party

Spokanistan: Citizens/Milita Invite Only

The people of Spokane have seceded from the union. They are sick and tired of the United States' delayed response and the Eastern Bloc's occupation of the city. "If you want it done right, then you got to do it yourself." The city-state of Spokanistan would love to get rid of the occupying forces but they are also not looking forward to fall under control of the United States government again.

Camo Recommendations: Civilian clothes
Weapon Limitations: Any

Eastern Bloc Alliance: Grumpa Force Potat Volunteers Needed

The Eastern Bloc Alliance is tired of the United States' imperialistic spread. After the Chechen overthrow of the Russian government as well as a continuously aggressive Chinese expansion of East Asia; it was only a matter of time before the blue and red clashed.

Camo Recommendations: Eastern Bloc preferred. Solid coloring permitted. NO Civilian attire.
Weapon Limitations: Eastern Block preferred

Eastern Bloc Forces Player Packet is extremely important and only viewable by Eastern Bloc members. Please PM me if you are on Eastern Bloc for your player packets.

Clicking Here To View Player Packet

Medic Rules:

In the event of your first hit, you will be required to sit at the location that you were hit and yell "medic". To keep the flow of the event, anyone that is on your team (besides yourself) and civilians are able to medic you. Medic will consist of both hands on the shoulder for 15 seconds counted out-loud. If a person is not able to medic you within 5 minutes of being hurt, you have "bled out" and head back to the CCP.

In the event of your second hit or bled out, you will be required to remove yourself from play and return to the CCP. The CCP is officially 50 feet behind your CO. You will need to go up to your CO and request for a hole punch. This hole punch will serve as a souvenir for the event. Administratively, the CCP will have a regeneration cap. After reaching this cap, the player will be required to return to the FOB and await further orders. Do NOT reengage until told otherwise.


Technicals will be present at the event in the form of two wheeled, and four wheeled, motorized and non-motorized vehicles. Engagement of the two wheeled vehicles will be prohibited for safety reasons. These technicals will be for immersive properties only and will only be used by the militia forces. Four wheeled vehicles will be “engageable” with semi-fire only. These technicals may or may not have mounted guns which can be used by any and all participants. These technicals will be available originally for United States Forces but can be acquired and used by any and all factions. However, the only person who may drive the technical is the owner of the vehicle.

Interaction with Civilians/Spokanistan Militia:


Civilians and the Spokanistan Militia are two different entities. Civilians are neutral and may or may not be armed. Civilians will need to be swayed. If a civilian is killed, this will mark against the team that killed said civilian. This punishment will result in handicaps for the team. When a civilian dies, he will "regenerate". Treat them as a new civilian.

Spokanistan Militia are a group of civilians taking up the fight against the Eastern Bloc as insurgents or against the United States as Sympathizers. They can only be identified if they attack first (don't worry, there will be no safety kills that will take advantage of this rule unless it is administrative). They are considered hostile.

Searches may happen. If both parties is okay with it, you may be appropriately aggressive and realistic. This needs to be confirmed by both parties. If one of the parties is not okay with it, a tap on the shoulder and the words "administratively searched" will suffice. If any goods are found during the search, it is out of play. However, note that all searches are not perfect and they may successfully complete their objectives for administrative reasons.

And yes, bring your freedom gum and commi-chocolates, you can bribe, or make friends with civilians or militia. Avoid anything with very common allergies, such as peanuts, just in case. Note that only the CO's can bribe the militia.

Winning Civilian Favor:

Winning civilian favor will result in multiple benefits for your team. Not only will the militia guerilla tactics begin to decrease against your faction, but command will be able to assist with indirect actions. These indirect actions can only be called in by the faction’s commanding officer. Indirect actions will be as follows:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Satellite Imaging – The team leadership will receive intel about a certain area.
  • Artillery Strikes - Artillery strikes will be marked by a thunder B explosion (from by an admin) who will announce indirect fire against the area. This will result in a 20 foot kill radius.
  • Militia Assistance – Militia members will temporarily cooperate and raid the opposing faction’s FOB.

U.S. Forces:

Your objective is to train indigenous forces and remind them of the red, white, and blue. If successful, they can assist you in securing goods as well as fighting the Eastern Bloc. If you do not show them that the United States has not forgotten them, then there may be sympathizers to the Eastern Bloc cause that may result in attacks and raids.
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Re: TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate 5 years, 5 months ago #2

  • kool aid
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Kool Aid would like to play the role of a milta man. Making sure that no matter what, the people of spokane keep the interests of Wey-Yu in mind.

Re: TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate 5 years, 5 months ago #3

  • k3n
  • TF Kilo CO
  • Katana/K-21
  • Posts: 873
Kilo 2-1 | 9th Group | Task Force Kilo
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Re: TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate 5 years, 5 months ago #4

  • bugpack
  • Corporal
  • Posts: 48
For Spokanistan. Too many politics and red tape in the U. S. military
if all else fails, kill'em with a wrench

Re: TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate 5 years, 5 months ago #5

We'll be there, us forces as discussed. As of right now we have +5. Names of the 5 follows:

Jeremy Butler
Connor Mccullough
Dan Demasi
Chauncey Smalls
Taylor Martel

we request fire team one if possible. place us where needed though. We will be in Multicam.
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Re: TFK/EWA Official Event - Operation: Tiger's Gate 5 years, 5 months ago #6

  • k3n
  • TF Kilo CO
  • Katana/K-21
  • Posts: 873
Welcome to the fight Fireteam 1!
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