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WTL IV - Drug Enforcement Agency Information
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TOPIC: WTL IV - Drug Enforcement Agency Information

WTL IV - Drug Enforcement Agency Information 1 year, 2 months ago #1

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Drug Enforcement Agency -

UNIFORM - MARPAT (woodland and desert digital), NWU 1/2/3, AOR 1/2, Multicam, ACU, most other digital camo patterns (if not listed, ask).

Sniper ghillie suits exempt from uniform requirements. Bring an assault pack or back-pack if you have one. Gear, I.E. vests can be any color.


- No restrictions on weapon/team combinations (US can use AKs, Cartels can use M4s, etc).

- With the exception of the support gunners, no box mag, drum mag, C mag, "balls" mag, or any other form of super high capacity magazine which carries more than 700 rounds is allowed.

- Limit one sniper team of 2 per team. Sniper Rifles must be bolt action and are capped at 500fps with .20g BBs (despite EWA regulations allowing higher, the field insurance policy does not). Snipers must have a sidearm which shoots under 1.5J (400 fps with .20g).

- Limit one designated marksman's riffle per squad with approval from team C.O. Semi auto or bolt action ONLY, 50ft minimum engagement distance, 450fps with .20g BBs limit. If you are interested in this role, please contact your team Commanding Officer.

- Limit one support gunner per squad (400-450FPS, must be a replica model of a belt-fed machine gun, 50ft minimum engagement distance, no ammo or magazine restriction (box mags encouraged), must be approved by team leader.

- one medic per squad

- C.O., X.O., Platoon Sergeant, Squad Leaders, Fireteam Leaders: MUST HAVE RADIO.


1) Protect stored cocaine.
2) Retrieve cocaine from both cartels
3) Apprehend cartel leaders

DEA special mechanics

- Cannot store more than 10 Kilos of cocaine at a time at FOB (forward operating base). Any cocaine beyond 10 kilos must be carried by DEA team members.

- DEA chooses when to destroy stored cocaine, in exchange for CIA services (turn in cocaine bricks to admins, don't physically destroy them, points will also be scored at this time for each kilo of cocaine turned in).

- 1 brick exchanged for UAV over a named landmark. Intel given by admins and/or CIA: Cartel movement(s) and/or cocaine movement(s) in line of sight.

- 5 bricks exchanged for a CIA hit on a designated target (give a broad landmark, CIA will engage anyone in sight from landmark (including DEA if present). DEA does not control the CIA team, CIA team remains active until all members are dead (no respawn) or mission is accomplished (area clear). This is the DEA's harassment button.

- 10 bricks exchanged for a CIA team to attempt abduction of a selected Cartel boss. If CIA successfully delivers cartel boss to DEA, DEA earns 10 points. This is the high risk / high reward option. Bear in mind that saving up more bricks will make DEA HQ a more attractive target for the cartels who can steal stored cocaine.
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