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OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018
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TOPIC: OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018

OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018 1 year, 2 months ago #1

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******** Registration is Currently Closed - If you have questions please contact Wade Stolz or Dale Burbridge ********

Event Name: OP Walk The Line IV

Location: Nitehawk Airsoft Outdoor field
***** Directions: Nitehawk
Time: Gate opens at 0700, Saturday, May 19, 2018
Admission: $25
Hot meals available for purchase on game day, breakfast and lunch, see schedules below. Menu to be determined.
POC: Napster (Sabin)
EWA Game (Yes / No): Yes
Chrono: (Yes / No): Yes
FPS Limit: 1.5J (400fps with .20g), see below for DMR, LMG, and Bolt Action Sniper Rifles).
Waiver Required: Yes
***** EWA Waiver
***** Nitehawk Waivers will be provided at the field

Nitehawk Airsoft will be giving away some prizes via raffle, including AEGs. Your $25 admission includes a raffle ticket (issued at check-in).

This is a pre-registration, pre-pay event. We highly encourage you to sign up once it opens. On the day of the event the price will be higher ($10 more at the door). Pre-registration is to assist with head count for the field owner and also maintaining an ideal ratio of team sizes.

Pre-Registration Open
Registration will stay open until roughly a week before the event. If you miss registration, the field fee will be $35, cash at check-in. Unregistered walk-ons will be added to the Los Burros Cartel. Come in civilian attire, no camo patterns, no black top or headwear. If you missed registration, do not show up in multicam and expect to be added to the DEA, or in black and expect to be added to the CIA. You will not.

1. DEA (Registration Open)
2. Los Burros Cartel (Registration Open)
3. Halcon Cartel (Registration Open)
4. CIA (Registration Closed)

Operation Walk The Line IV, presented by EWA, Team PRISM, and Nitehawk Airsoft & Paintball Field.


Saturday, 19MAY2018



This is an EWA event, please familiarize yourself with the rules of play HERE

Operational Map

Coming Soon

Event Schedule

Friday, May 18th - Pending decision on camping the night before, subject to change

1800 - (6pm) Gates open, overnight camping available at no extra charge.
1800 - Early sign-ins and chrono opens for those who came to camp the night before

Saturday, May 19th, Game Day

0700 - Gates Open, sign in, chrono. Team CO's must be here by 0800 for a briefing with Napster.
0700 - Hot breakfast available for purchase until 0830 Tentatively
0845 - Teams muster with your CO (get in ranks, role call). I'll provide muster sheet.
0900 - Safety Briefing, team briefing.
0930 - Teams head to their HQ with gear
0945 - Morning game begins
1230 - Break for Lunch
1330 - Game status (point standings), teams head to their headquarters
1400 - Afternoon game Begins
1800 - Game ends, time may vary. RAFFLE, Player feedback, debrief.

Sunday, May 20th - Pick up Game - free for those who attended WTL IV, $10 for those who didn't.

1030 - Safety Briefing
1100 - Game On

Background Story

Somewhere in South America, the Los Burros Cartel has been producing raw Cocaine for decades, transporting it to a second location for storage and distribution. A smaller rival, the Halcon Cartel has recently begun moving into Burro territory, resulting in a surge of violence and a bitter rivalry for control of this drug corridor. The Drug Enforcement Agency has traced large shipments of Cocaine into the United States originating from the area and dispatched a team to disrupt production and distribution operations. The DEA has called on the Central Intelligence Agency, who have business of their own in the area for assistance with intelligence gathering and apprehension of high value suspects.


Los Burros Cartel - Registration FULL / Closed (see uniform below).

Los Burros Team Uniform / Objectives


Commanding Officer - Spencer Hutchison - Covered
Executive Officer - Will Bailey (Trid3nt) - 0JJ99123T8540681B
Platoon Sergeant - Brandon Burbridge[Trid3nt] - Covered

Los Burros Sniper Team
S1 - Andrew Reitz [Trident]
S2 - Ryan Kiner [Trident]

Squad 1 Leader John Whipkey 1mw88242ux5531056
S1 Fire team 1 Leader Aaron Kiner Unpaid
FT1-1 Brandon Davenport Unpaid
FT1-2 Tristen Davenport Unpaid
FT1-3 Daniel Dylina 6WT8415281810522E

S1 Fire Team 2 Leader Michael Duncan Unpaid
FT2-1 Thomas Burbridge Covered
FT2-2 Heather Boren Unpaid
FT2-3 Justin Shepard Unpaid

S1 Fire team 3 Leader Colton McAuliff 2K782365H54413826
FT3-1 Jeremy Lund Unpaid
FT3-2 Thomas Denision 896570CR684450F
FT3-3 Dakota Moore 3UT17141HC0897904

Squad 2 Leader Joe Sedgwick 4JD635614S682184U
S2 team 1 Leader Jeffrey Decamp 1147404807146500
FT1-1 Paul Debrunner 2776069673733660
FT1-2 Chris Debrunner 615181089956446
FT1-3 Heldon Jelke 130329546418613

S2 Fire Team 2 Leader Mark Hudson 8Y8708836J216241M
FT2-1 Larry Johnson Unpaid
FT2-2 Dean Snow 75U45820WY9001458
FT2-3 Dennis Schilling Unpaid
FT2-4 Trevan B 49C18161YU9764419

S2 Fire Team 3 Leader Tim Setzer Unpaid
FT3-1 Sam Henry Unpaid
FT3-2 Dustin Linhart 1VW7000817773930A
FT3-3 Herber Sedgwick 4JD635614S682184U
FT3-4 Roy F 8BJ70388RY404680T

Squad 3 Leader Adam N 77663985HL042731S
S3 Fire Team 1 Leader Staci H Unpaid
FT1-1 Jeffery Shepard Unpaid
FT1-2 Adam B 49C18161YU9764419
FT1-3 Gunther 4084452494266340
FT1-4 Giovani Zendejas Unpaid

S3 Fire Team 2 Leader Derek Ren 105614037503309
FT2-1 Austyn Unpaid
FT2-2 Jacob M 8E388204EY7329845
FT2-3 Spencer Metz 55Y163157C414272K
FT2-4 Andrew Sales 1CD2575S79126443

S3 Fire Team 3 Leader Hunter Ward Covered -Staff
FT3-1 Cody Nelson Unpaid
FT3-2 Clint Hess 9GA69420TJ159991P
FT3-3 Hiliel Barrios Unpaid
FT3-4 Decamps Cousin??? Unpaid

Extra Trey Unpaid
Extra Nick Destito Unpaid
Extra Alejandra Vanessa Unpaid

Halcon Cartel - Registration Closed

Halcon Cartel Uniform / Objective Information


Commanding Officer - Dale B. (Nitehawk) - Covered (needs to pay, in TEARS)
Executive Officer - Bo Rice 5117929997786719
Platoon Sergeant - Mj mills - 42B72275ML209691K

Halcons Cartel Sniper Team
S1 - Josh S. - 832536687525391
S2 - Chance Rice 5117929997786719 (Rifleman)

Squad 1 - Leader - Austin Whalen - 54023027YA722073W
S1 Fire Team 1 Leader - Justice Ward 1769904857059309
FT1-1 - Denver Harris - Paid (need to verify)
FT1-2 - Alex summa - 5UR97435B3178112P
FT1-3 - Christian Bates - 15Y626703S9667403
FT1-4 - Corey Day - 2920-2849-3285-1549

S1 Fire Team 2 Leader - Greg S - 5311789755338549
FT2-1 - Joel S - 5311789755338549
FT2-2 - Aaron G - 5311789755338549
FT2-3 - Kannibal - 70S88609Y6323502A
FT2-4 - Travis L. Martin - 5181-2218-7292-9254

Squad 2 - Leader - Joseph Powell-7P648625J06399449
S2 Fire Team 1 Leader - Kyle Clark - 29t44555ex433850v
FT1-1 - Randy Brown 2202846773271000
FT1-2 - Mason Brown 2202846773271000
FT1-3 - Chase Brown 2202846773271000
FT1-4 - David Newton Receipt# 6JP77387YT4130746 - Medic if possible

S2 Fire Team 2 Leader - Cesar 4TA766307C904392A
FT2-1 - Baddman - 3W1136268L8632501
FT2-2 - Aiden M - 02X31259BT4818027
FT2-3 - Kody Robin. 7P648625J06399449 (saint / Andy Powell transfer)
FT2-4 - Mike Walters Receipt# 6JP77387YT4130746

Drug Enforcement Agency - Registration Open.

DEA Uniform / Objective Information


Commanding Officer - Wade Stolz (OldArmy) Covered
Executive Officer - Catanna Indigo Zehm - Covered
Platoon Sergeant - *Kevin Hillebrandt (Cobalt86)-

DEA Sniper Team
Sniper Team 1
S1 - *Kalem Ali Wolrehammer (Castro)
Spotter: *Asa Wolrehammer

Sniper Team 2
S2 - Andrew Camo (Camo)- Covered
Spotter: *Mike Jensen (Oscermike)

Squad 1 - Leader - *Scott D Gardner (KJ)

S1 Fire Team 1 Leader Cylix Shane 2PA02401Y1455021E
FT1-1 Daisy Shane 2PA02401Y1455021E
FT1-2 Forest Hagel 2NM20367BM441044L
FT1-3 Chole Zehm Covered
FT1-4 Chris Bridge Covered
FT1-5 Madison Mabie 5117929997786710

S1 Fire Team 2 Leader Micheal Bridge Covered
FT2-1 Thomas Harding- 1747963833204410
FT2-2 Pat Delapena Unpaid
FT2-3 Ls Thurgood Unpaid
FT2-4 Dean Wilson 1747963833204410

Squad 2 Leader Jonathan Caesar Unpaid

S2 Fire Team 1 Leader Jordan Doney 3U2030333S3580936
FT1-1 Holden McNaul 55U361997V339711H
FT1-2 James Jones Unpaid
FT1-3 Daniel Jones Unpaid
FT1-4 Caden Hillebrandt 8V970412L7943651K
FT1-5 Brandon Burbridge Covered - Staff

S2 Fire Team 2 Leader Daniel Babinski 1747963833204410
FT2-1 Marcus Reed Unpaid
FT2-2 Chris Harding Unpaid
FT2-3 Brandon Johnson- 1747963833204410
FT2-4 Connor Mc Unpaid

Paid but unable to come - *Landen Ervin- 1747-9638-3320-4410

Central Intelligence Agency - Registration Unavailable.

UNIFORM - black top, black cap, tan bottom, backpack/assault pack required.




1) Complete Missions upon request from DEA
2) Report mission status (success or failure upon completion or team death)
3) Admin duties as directed
4) Diplomatic negotiations and intelligence-gathering
5) The CIA cannot earn points and therefore cannot "win".

CIA special mechanics

1) A pre-determined group of non-playing admins will become CIA when activated by the DEA. Team must gather at an out-of-the-way location as admins and remove admin identifiers together to become activated, in an area out of combat within reason, as to allow a fair initial engagement with target. CIA must wear designated uniform, other embedded admins wear the uniform of their teams.

2) CIA remains active until mission is completed or all members are dead. CIA operatives must stay together and make haste to complete mission, no idling.

3) CIA does not respawn, one and done per activation by DEA.

4) UAV - When activated by DEA, operative (as non-playing administrator) makes way to designated zone and reports actions and positions of players and cocaine in sight via radio to DEA.

5) hit squad - When activated by DEA CIA team gathers, "activates", and immediately makes way to target area, engaging all players in sight

until death or otherwise unable to continue combat (out of ammo/gas/etc)
6) Cartel boss apprehension - the highest tier CIA mission. When activated by the DEA CIA team gathers, "activates", and makes way to target Cartel's HQ. Avoid unnecessary engagements. CIA team must acquire target and deliver to DEA headquarters.

7) CIA will make reasonable effort not to engage players that are not within the scope of their current mission. CIA will return fire if engaged.

When on mission targeting one cartel, the CIA may request safe passage from the other cartel via radio or in person. The cartel is not obligated to comply, nor to comply with a promise of safe passage.


Sabin Pop (Napster, admin, host, PRISM)
Dash (PRISM)
Ronin_Mayhem (PRISM)
Greg (PRISM)


- One medic per squad.

- players who are hit must stay where they are and call for medic, be sure to identify yourself as dead by putting your gun/hands up or pulling out your "dead rag" (red cloth).

- Players who are hit may not engage in combat unless treated by a medic or revived at their headquarters / casualty collection point. Other players may "drag" their wounded to safety by one point of contact (hand on shoulder, etc) and walk together to safety. If the person giving assistance is hit, both players are now wounded. Some more milsim-minded squads / fire teams may choose to actually drag their wounded or use appropriate equipment if all parties involved give consent, at their own risk.

- If the medic is down, he must be treated by another medic.

- No bleed-out time, the wounded stay wounded until they are treated by a medic. If no medic is nearby, the whole fire team may choose to respawn together. Fireteams are encouraged to stick together and spawn together.

- Medic treats the wounded by wrapping a designated "bandage" around an arm or leg. When the medic is out of "bandages", he must re-supply at the FOB. Medics will not tie Bandages around the throat.

- Medics will be marked with a distinct armband. Medic may choose to wear an appropriate visible medic, corpsman, or red cross patch instead if deemed large / visible enough by admins.

Who's Winning?

Everyone, because it's going to be a blast. But for those that like to keep score:

We will be utilizing a point system which will be explained in depth at the briefing. Points are awarded for objectives completed.

In addition, the CIA will occasionally offer additional missions to encourage active participation. For the DEA, this may include rescuing a captured CIA operative who will disclose the location of a hidden cocaine stash if freed. For the cartels, this may include bribes to assault the other cartel. Additionally, the CIA will administratively drop kilos of coke in areas out in the open in small amounts, up for grabs by the first team to find it.


- Each team will be issued a nerf rocket launcher with limited ammo. They will function the same as grenades at impact location. Ammo and air re-supply will be discussed at the briefing.

- Engaging the CIA unprovoked will incur a point penalty for your team. The CIA may exchange intelligence (amount of bricks in DEA storage, last known location of crate shipment, troop movements), or even offer a bribe in return for safe passage.

- Admins will be easily identified in their non-player capacity (bright clothing or red dead rag), and will remove these identifying marks in a secluded area when activated as CIA.

- Players will take gear (such as water, extra ammo) to their team's headquarters, please avoid trips out of play as much as possible during the game.

- Admins will occasionally drop additional bricks of cocaine in open areas to encourage active participation. Team CO's will be given approximate location of abandoned cocaine via radio.

- Cocaine must be carried by "mules" in an assault pack or backpack of some sort, or the designated crate. Individuals may carry a maximum of one brick of cocaine in their backpacks at a time.

- Team sizes are subject to expand to accommodate registration requests, however the CIA is limited to one small unit, and the DEA must remain small in relation to the cartels.

- If you would like to participate as a squad leader or above, please message me privately.

- LUNCH - Nitehawk Field will have hot food for sale. Expected menu: hot dogs, chilli, burgers, chips, soda, water, coffee, gatorade.


Registration - will close roughly a week before the event. Field fee will be $35 after registration closes, walk-ins will be welcome for the Los Burros Cartel, please see their uniform above (Civilian attire, no camo patterns, no black).

Before paying for the event, please note the following:

- There are no refunds for registration fees, except in the event that the op is canceled by the field owner.

- If you registered and cannot attend, your registration is tradeable to another player, just message me to change the name.

- If you would like to switch teams after registering, I will make an effort to accomodate requests at my discretion but make no guarantees, I.E. if one team is overmanned.

- Pre-registration fee is $25. Showing up without pre-registering will cost $10 extra on game day.

- You do not need a paypal account to pay the fee, there is a credit card option on the payment page.

- SAVE YOUR TRANSACTION ID / RECEIPT NUMBER until I have added you to the roster and there is no "*" by your name.

- If you see an "*" by your name on the roster, it indicates that I have not yet seen evidence that you have paid the pre-registration fee.

Please reply here or message me with your name, if you're affiliated with a local airsoft team, which team you would like to be on, and a transaction ID / receipt number.

- Once you have paid the registration fee, make a post (reply) here with your full first name and last initial, desired team, and transaction ID / receipt number. For those of you paying for multiple players, list all players in one post. The payment portion is handled by the field owner and it is easier for me to see who registered together directly in order to keep you together.

- Pay for registration HERE
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Team PRISM | C.O.
-Everyone's favorite computer nerd-
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Re: OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018 1 year, 2 months ago #2

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Example Registration post:

Sabin P. (PRISM)
DEA, Squad 2, Fireteam 2
12345678910111213 (paypal transaction/receipt #)
US Navy Veteran

EWA | Webmaster / Admin
Team PRISM | C.O.
-Everyone's favorite computer nerd-
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Re: OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018 1 year, 2 months ago #3

Cylix S.
DEA, S1 Fire Team 1 Leader - Cylix Shane
Paypal: 2PA02401Y1455021E

Daisy S.
DEA, S1, FT1
Paypal: 2PA02401Y1455021E
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Re: OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018 1 year, 2 months ago #4


DEA, Squad 2 Fireteam 1 Leader

Paypal transaction ID: 3U2030333S3580936
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Re: OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018 1 year, 2 months ago #5

  • Napster
  • PRISM C.O. / Webmaster / Admin
  • Have Fun! It's mandatory.
  • Posts: 3339
Roster updated. Fixed the captcha issue, new accounts should be able to post now.
US Navy Veteran

EWA | Webmaster / Admin
Team PRISM | C.O.
-Everyone's favorite computer nerd-
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Re: OP Walk The Line IV - 19May2018 1 year, 2 months ago #6

Forest Hagel DEA S1-2 Paypal transaction ID:2NM20367BM441044L
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