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Napster Project Moros Reborn
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TOPIC: Napster Project Moros Reborn

Napster Project Moros Reborn 2 years, 1 month ago #1

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Background on the original Project Moros
Moros, in Greek mythology is the spirit of doom. My zero trigger crapped out last winter, in part the trigger sear was worn due to a bad (Angel Customs)spring I tried early in its life. As the body was starting to come apart too, I decided to start again from scratch. The first iteration was a Well MB03 base (Vsr-10 clone with longer (510mm) barrel). This time around I decided to go with a G-spec variant and run a longer barrel through a mock suppressor.

Moros Reborn - concept, written before starting the build
The baseline for this build is a Well MB02 (VSR-10 G-spec Clone). The goal is to have it replace my old MB03, toned down to 500fps with .20g (The MB03 was shooting 546fps, as per EWA's bolt action sniper limit of 550fps). Due to insurance limits, the field where I would be using it at the most has a limit of 500fps. I am building a separate project in a JG Bar-10 base for the occasions where we might play at a different field where the EWA limit of 550fps can be utilized. The new project Moros is to shoot in the 495-500fps range consistently, accurate to 250' 10/10 on a human sized target with .43g BBs in low wind conditions. Of course, as with its predecessor, I expect its maximum range to extend past 300'. As with its predecessor, it will also be an extremely quiet weapon. Everything that can be done to achieve this will be done. So let's start with what we are doing to make it quiet.

Silent but Deadly

A minimum of 2 inches will be left between the end of the inner barrel and the muzzle of the outer barrel (end of the mock suppressor). This portion of the mock suppressor (aluminum tube) is to be [modified] to dampen the portion reported through the barrel of the impact noise of the piston slamming into the cylinder head. For legal purposes, the mock suppressor is permanently attached to the riffle with steel reinforced epoxy (liquid steel / JB Weld) to make the argument that it cannot reasonably be attached to a real steel firearm as a functioning suppressor, and certainly to dispute any possible argument that it was purpose-built for such uses. This step is to show that the mock suppressor (aluminum tube base) is intended for airsoft only, purpose-built to be used only on this airsoft riffle. As per EWA forum rules, I will not discuss the modifications done to this mock suppressor, nor show pictures of it internally.

Moving on, I wanted to silence the impact of the piston into the cylinder head at the source. First, the Laylax PSS10 90 degree piston I am using in this build has porting and a shock-absorbing pad, shown below. I don't like the stock adhesive, I peeled it off and brushed on a thin layer of superglue, careful to avoid the porting (small holes), after noticing that the one from the original MB03 was beginning to detach from the piston. Next, I added a small tab of threadlock inside the piston to keep the air brake in place (it screws in).

Second, the piston came with an air brake. This is the white plastic spear you see on the front in the picture above, made of delrin which has many properties including slowing down sound waves, effectively reducing frequency and making them sound lower-pitched, which does not carry as well as high pitched sounds over distance. This reduces the sound report of the piston slamming into the cylinder head by getting there first and "plugging" the air nozzle before the piston reaches the cylinder head. The drawback is a loss in fps due to air friction in the nozzle, hence the term, air brake. As a note, Laylax includes a grub-screw that can be installed in place of the air brake, or it can simply be cut flush with the piston to remove the air brake effect, increasing muzzle velocity at the expense of added stress to the piston and cylinder head, and increasing noise report down the muzzle as well as vibrations transferred throughout the riffle.

Third, on to the cylinder head, I removed the hard rubber dampener on the cylinder head and replaced it with a 3/16" thick 70 duro Sorbo-Pad (Sorbothane) built for an L96. I had to file the inside to bore out the "air hole" a bit wider so that it would fit inside the track made for the original dampener I removed. I then super glued it in, and added a layer of super-glue around the inside "air hole" wall to give it more strength and to encourage the sorbo pan to expand more towards the outside wall of the cylinder than the inside "air hole". The cylinder head by the way is PPS/ShS brand for a VSR-10 by the way, as are the cylinder and spring guide. Pictures Below.

Next, I had to slightly trim the delrin rings (two white rings) on the piston to make it compatible with the PPS cylinder, as the piston was slightly too wide. Delrin is a fairly soft yet durable material, easily trimmed down with a dremel, and then filed by hand for a smooth polish. After making sure both the piston O-ring and the Cylinder head O-ring were well-lubricated with silicone oil, I was ready to install the spring and close the cylinder. Interestingly enough, after lubing the O-ring, I noticed that I was able to close the cylinder head with the O-ring inside, rather than protruding outside. This allows the cylinder head to thread in a bit more, slightly reducing the reach of the air nozzle. On the left is what it should look like, on the right is with the O-ring inside (yes, I do have 2 sets of cylinder and cylinder head, as I'm building another similar rifle simultaneously). Picture below. After initial positioning, it appears not to affect air nozzle seal with the hop up chamber. Theoretically, this way I should have better feeding and virtually eliminate the chance of pushing a BB further than it needs to go in the hop up by slamming the bolt back forward too fast. If I find later that this is not the case, I can replace the cylinder head O-ring with something a bit thicker to give it the original protrusion.

Next, I moved on to the body. The receiver on the MB02 (and to my knowledge, virtually all airsoft bolt action sniper riffles) is plastic with many hollow spaces that can resonate and amplify sound. I set out to fill any open space that didn't need to exist with low density foam. There are three chambers in front of the trigger, and the stock (which is hollow) can be filled with foam through the little hole where the trigger guard attaches behind the trigger. Foam is super glued in. As a side bonus, the foam slightly increases and redistributes weight of the gun making for (in my opinion) a better balance. Pictures below.

Stock completely filled with foam, perfectly flush .

Next, hitting two birds with one stone, reducing barrel vibrations and further reducing sound emitted at the muzzle, I added 3 barrel spacers (brand doesn't matter, get the ones with O-rings if you can, they're a bit more flexible), and filled the space in between with more of that low density foam bound by electric tape. I have done virtually everything reasonable to make this a silent weapon of BB-Warz, addressing sound after leaving the inner barrel, while passing through the barrel, and cushioning the blow of the piston against the cylinder head in multiple ways. One particular noise is left, and it is quite desirable. The whizz of a BB flying by at 2.32 Joules (roughly 340fps with .43g). Let's move on to performance parts and mods.

Parts List

Well MB02 (Vsr-10 G-Spec Clone) Note, G-spec barrel length is 303mm, the MB02 is longer, ~320mm.
G-spec Mock Suppressor 190mm
ZCI 455mm 6.02 AEG stainless steel Barrel, Highly Polished
Airsoft-Pro VSR Hopup Chamber, adapted for AEG Barrels
Lonex 70 degree AEG bucking, modified
IR-Hop patch (the cold weather blue R-Hop)
My own Pink Eraser Nub Mod
Laylax PSS10 Zero Trigger
Laylax PSS10 90 degree High Impact Piston
PPS Cylinder
PPS Cylinder Head
Sorbo-Pad 3/16" 70D for L96
PPS Spring Guide
Action Army M150 Spring
Matrix VSR-10 Barrel Spacers x3

3-12x50mm Illuminated Scope on medium/high scope rings
Harris style Bipod
A good 2 point sling
Matrix cheek-rest with molle on both sides
double pistol mag pouch, single pistol mag pouch (on stock, for holding 3 extra mags, the rest go in my ghillie wrist sleeve or on my belt).

This will be my first time trying an AEG-style barrel and hop up in a bolt action sniper rifle.

Additional Modifications

In order for the trigger guard to mesh with the zero trigger, a portion had to be cut off. Picture below.

Top down center mod - coming later. The idea is to drill a hole through the top of the receiver aligning over the top of the hop up arm, and to replace the hop-up adjustment slider with a bolt pushing down for more hop and up for less, held by a nut glued on. This would allow for more precise hop-up adjustment as well as better retention of hop up position.

More coming after testing
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Re: Napster Project Moros Reborn 2 years ago #2

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Where did you get the foam? It looks like I could use some of that myself
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Re: Napster Project Moros Reborn 2 years ago #3

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Joanne's Fabrics. It's some kind of bed liner.
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