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Motor TPA Information and Estimated TPA
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TOPIC: Motor TPA Information and Estimated TPA

Motor TPA Information and Estimated TPA 5 years, 4 months ago #1

  • k3n
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Motor TPA Information and Estimated TPA

General Information:

TPA stands for Turns Per Armature. More TPA means more torque, but less speed. So conversely, less TPA = More speed, Less Torque. On motors with Ferrite magnets, more TPA are required to achieve the same amount of torque. This is why a G&P M120 can only pull an m120, but an SHS High Torque (HT) can pull just as fast, but pull up to an M150. Neo-Magnet motors are able to achieve the same amount of torque as ferrite motors, but with less TPA. This means the RPM can increase, with the torque staying the same.

Airsoft Mechanics Assumptions: To pull an M180 on 18:1 gears, you need approximately 20 TPA. Switching to lower ratio gears will require more TPA and switching to higher ratio gears require less TPA. Your gearset is a five piece gear train because it is designed to lighten the amount of TPA required.

To determine TPA, you will need to open the motor and check armature length, size, number of wounds, etc. This includes debated variables such as wiring gauge. Since some variables are only theoretical, formulas only prove to give estimates of TPA and even then, a lot of it is debated mathematics.

Lucky for you, we are compiling TPA counts so you don't have to go searching for them anywhere else!


  • Chaoli Grey/Black - 26 Awg - Ferrite Magnets - 32TPA
  • *dependent on Chaoli type. Chaoli will always list out TPA and it ranges from 16-32 TPA*


  • Core Black/Red - Unknown Gauge - Neo Magnets - 18 TPA


  • G&G Grey/Black - Unknown Gauge - Ferrite Magnets - 27 TPA
  • G&G High Torque - Unknown Gauge - Unknown Magnet - 18 TPA


  • JG Black - 24 Awg - Ferrite Magnets - 22 TPA
  • JG Blue - 24 Awg - Neo Magnets - 22 TPA
  • JG Red - 23 Awg - Neo Magnets - 16 TPA


  • Matrix 3000 Magnum - Unknown Gauge - Unknown Magnets - 16 TPA


  • SHS High Torque (older generation) - Unknown Gauge - Neo Magnets - 14 TPA
  • SHS High Torque (newer generation) - 22 Awg - Neo Magnets - 22 TPA


  • Lonex A1 Infinite Torque-Up High Speed Motor - 20 Awg - Neo Magnets - 14 TPA
  • Lonex A2 Infinite Torque-Up Motor - 21 Awg - Neo Magnets - 15 TPA
  • Lonex A3 High Speed - 22 Awg - Neo Magnets - 16 TPA


  • Systema Magnum - 20 Awg - Neo Magnets - 14.5 TPA
  • Systema Turbo - 20 Awg - Neo Magnets - 15 TPA
  • *It's important to note that systema neo magnets are stronger than standard neo magnets*
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Re: Motor TPA Information and Estimated TPA 3 years, 9 months ago #2

  • toobladink
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Can we update this with more info on motors? And some more accurate info too. People Google motor tpa and this is the first thing that comes up. It's confused some facebook users, ESPECIALLY with the SHS high torque tpa count. I have some stuff to add..

Matrix 3000 series - neo magnets
Magnum- 16 tpa
Turbo -14 tpa

Matrix 5000 - neo magnets
Godzilla- 24 tpa

ASG motors- neo magnets
18k- 28 tpa
30k- 16 tpa
35k- 15 tpa
40k- 14 tpa
45k- 13 tpa

ZCI motors- neo magnets
High torque- 22 tpa
Balanced- 16 tpa

Krytac- weak neo magnets
21tpa (apparently 30k)

JBU red- neo magnets
18 tpa

VFC- ferrite magnets
19 tpa

But anyways, k3n said he would revisit this and edit the original post, but it's been about a week. I figured I would give this thread some lovin' since he hasn't logged in since like March lol.
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