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TOPIC: Teching Services

Teching Services 3 years, 2 months ago #1

  • toobladink
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Currently closed to the public.

Woah, you've stumbled across my teching ad. Few things before you read -
If you can't pay six months after the work is finished, congratulations. The replica is now mine. I may take a trade to pay for ONLY the following: R hop, standard work fee, high stress fee, and parts fee. I take my time. Turn around may not be the best because of this. If I have nothing else going on, it usually takes me a weekend.

Also, if the build is nice or worth showing off, I will most likely make a YouTube video about it and do an overview.

Types of services:

Standard gearbox and upgrade work - $35
Includes the following services:
Shimming, deep clean of the gearbox, airpad or sorbopad+neopad installation, gearbox radius (if V2), spaced hopup, reduced barrel vibration, greasing, and installation of any upgrade parts you provide or pay for. May also include any modifications necessary for peak performance and durability.

MOSFET install - $50
Wires your gun and battery to deans (can leave as tamiya), replaces wiring with 16 AWG ecowire, and comes with one year warranty. If you are already paying for gearbox work, it is just an additional $20.

R Hop - $30
Installs an R hop and m nub into your gun, and your bucking is modified. Increases range and accuracy. The R hop is also super durable.

Additional fees:
Parts fee - $10
If your gun is in parts (gearbox is opened), I will ask $10 extra.

Stress build - $10
If you wish to shoot 50+ RPS, or 450+ FPS (except bolt action) with a .2, I will ask $10 extra. I will also give you a guide on how to take care of your replica.

Upgrade packages (includes all work fees):
DSG - $165
Installs an SHS DSG in to your gun. Available for most V2/V3 guns. Requires quality magazines and magazine springs. Trigger response is instantaneous, and your rate of fire will be about 50 RPS. Includes motor, spring, DSG, piston, tappet, spring guide, bushings, and MOSFET, plus all the perks from standard gearbox work.

DMR - $135
Includes an R hop, and installs any parts necessary to increase your range and accuracy. Typically, a piston, spring guide, cylinder head, motor, nozzle, and new barrel are installed. Also includes a MOSFET. Will build up to 550 FPS, but remember the limits around here. You can easily reach ranges you didn't think were possible before.

Basic upgrade - $120
Upgrades every part in your gun that needs it to increase shot consistency and your rate of fire. Includes motor, piston, nozzle, spring guide, bushings, MOSFET, and new bucking/nub. Can also install spring for desired FPS. RPS can range from 20-28 with an 11.1v battery.

Advanced upgrade - $290
Includes all the bells and whistles. Includes high end internal parts, MOSFET, R hop, and a whole bunch of other goodies. This will turn your gun into something that your friends will fear. Rate of fire can range anywhere from 20-40 RPS with an 11.1v battery.

Can include a computerized MOSFET, siegetek gears, action army parts, etc. I will only use the highest quality parts for the advanced upgrade!

*$100 cash deposit required for upgrade packages. The purpose for upgrade packages is to give players an option and an idea of what other similar builds may cost. If you want me to build something and you pay separately for parts, that's perfectly okay. I can usually work around your parts budget.

I have a lifetime warranty on all work I do. Warranty only covers labor, unless the failure is my fault (and not you trying to work on the gun yourself or using a 4s lipo)
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Re: Teching Services 3 years, 2 months ago #2

  • toobladink
  • Spokane Scrubsofters C.O.
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Bump, im really itching to open up something fun.

Cost lowered to $20 for locals. Remember, I also take trades for the work fees.
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Re: Teching Services 3 years, 2 months ago #3

  • toobladink
  • Spokane Scrubsofters C.O.
  • Enjoy the journey - SG34
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Recently received R hop tubing..
I'm projecting about $20 per R hop if any of you are curious. I will let you guys know when I feel confident in offering this service to all.
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Re: Teching Services 3 years, 1 month ago #4

  • toobladink
  • Spokane Scrubsofters C.O.
  • Enjoy the journey - SG34
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Ordered components to make some 3034 based mosfets today. All components should arrive by the end of the month and I will be selling mosfets by the end of June.

Projected prices-
Additional $15 to install the unit into a gun receiving services (assuming other fees are paid).
$25 to install just the mosfet and wire it to your replica.
$13 per unit with just bare wires.
$15 per unit with deans, heat shrink, and motor connectors.

R-hop components are arriving soon. Shapeways took a while to print the jigs

I also got a message from someone on facebook about taking trades for R-hop and mosfets. I will take an additional trade on a R-hop install, but no trades for mosfets since production cost is higher.

I'll add little subsections into the original thread to help make things look better, once I get both into a spot where I am confident to offer those services to all.

Cost is still $20 for local work. I'll be at Nitehawk next friday, the 13th(?) if you would like me to pick up your gun then.
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Re: Teching Services 3 years ago #5

  • toobladink
  • Spokane Scrubsofters C.O.
  • Enjoy the journey - SG34
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Offering a DSG upgrade kit, currently only for M4 based guns. Price ranges from $140-$163. Price includes the work fee. No trades.

This kit will give you a nasty rate of fire and very quick trigger response. The spring rating will set you at cqb fps level, but it may vary.

SHS V2 tappet plate
SHS M150 spring
SHS piston assembly
JBU red motor
Mosfet install
(This is the basic kit for $140)

Additional parts (* indicates it may be necessary if your gun does not have a similar part. The rest are upgrades from stock to increase performance.)
Lonex o ring nozzle ($6)
Ball bearing spring guide* ($7)
Zci 9 tooth bevel (improves efficiency, slows rate of fire by 15% - $6)
Steel bushings* ($4)
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Re: Teching Services 2 years, 6 months ago #6

  • toobladink
  • Spokane Scrubsofters C.O.
  • Enjoy the journey - SG34
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Still offering the DSG kit, but with some part changes. Also, they are now available for AK variants.

The changes have been made to the kit:
SHS high torque motor
Guarder SP150-160
Now includes a ball bearing spring guide and metal bushings if you don't have them already

These parts will set you at about 50-55 RPS, and anywhere from 330-365 FPS. Because of some performance issues, I will not install a DSG kit into any gun with a barrel longer than 363mm.

i am also now offering barrel lapping services. $15 for one barrel, or $20 for two. I'll lap it down to about 1.5 microns. Lapping is a process that improves the inner surface of your barrel and makes it more consistent. I can also now offer an R hop.
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