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Hello EWA 3 years, 3 months ago #1

I like your forum! You guys have done a good job here.

A bit of history I'd like to share.

My name is Wade Moss and I'm the co founder of Spokane Airsoft and the Spokane Devil Dawgs. Some where around 2000 I was paintballing with a cousin in the Colville/Spokane area and had heard about airsoft. The big club in the Pacific NW at the time was Puget Sound Airsoft Command. I bought a CA M4 off of ebay and with a couple of buddies we participated in Operation Gallant Saber. I was hooked on Milsim and I said goodbye to paintball forever. The following year the newly formed Devil Dawgs went over with a squad of eight and participated in Operation Gallant Saber II, which in my opinion was the greatest OP ever held in the Pacific NW. It was epic. The first SA forum was a Yahoo board, but I commissioned Dantes of Airsoft Pacific to build us a new forum which served us well until I sold out and moved on.

I see now that the SA forum is defunct, so Im assuming everything has moved to FB and I'm not a big fan of FB. The last time I remember you guys, you were a small club playing in a abandoned barn. Looks like you have come a long ways. SA's first real home field was an abandoned USAF radar dome outside of Colville, Wa. We had a lot of fun up there, and most did not mind the drive. We even hosted a few regional events up there with visiting team members coming over like PSAC, APST and the TC Jokers.

Anyhow, I have not been to a airsoft event in years. I have a trucking business in the oilfield which keeps me busy. And in my spare time Im a member of the Back Country Horsemen and a member of SASS. But I have a nephew and son that bug me sometimes to get back involved with airsoft too, so who knows what the future holds.

Be safe and take care.

Wade aka Norseman
The Chronicles of Grizzly Gulch
Cowboy Airsoft

Re: Hello EWA 3 years, 3 months ago #2

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Good to hear from you Wade. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm sure you haven't forgotten the winter I slipped on something under the snow at Camp Comia and cut my hand up, you took me to the hospital to get 9 stitches, then we chatted over cheeseburgers. Wow, that was almost 10 years ago. It would be nice to see you out on the field again sometime =D.

US Navy Veteran

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Re: Hello EWA 3 years, 3 months ago #3

Hey bud! I remember that day! Good old Camp Comia! Ten years it seems impossible.

It was because of the constant fighting with Randy to clean or move junk around in order to conduct operations out there that I finally threw up my hands. So I contacted Dale at Nighthawk Paintball and started leasing his field. The nine mile state land field was OK unless real steel shooters showed up then it became a safety hazard. And people generally did not want to drive all the way to Colville. Which was too bad, we had the ranch, the radar dome, and Dragon Wars paintball. I even had a CQC practice area setup in our old warehouse for SDD. Thats where all of the yellow panels at Dale's MOUT facility came from. Anyhow its lucky we did not have more injuries out there.

So enough about the old, what's new? Where is everyone now? Anything super cool?
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Re: Hello EWA 3 years, 3 months ago #4

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There's a new field in Colbert called the Crucible. It's run by a war veteran and he's a very cool guy. He even feeds us and doesn't let a single stomach leave empty.

The indoor location is also not in the mall anymore, thank god. Dale purchased the business itself years ago I believe, and then moved out of the mall and now it's only 3 blocks from the general store.

Everything in the area is slowly advancing, which is pretty cool I think. Everything from AEGs to playstyles. And I wish I met or at least played with you guys. I remember watching a bunch of "Spokane Airsoft" videos on youtube like 4 years ago. I remember begging my mom to take me to NiteHawk LOL.

All the older guys who still run milsim events are on facebook. Their page is Pegasus Milsim. Ben, Daneel, Rob, they're all over there. I don't really know if anything is new, I don't know all that much about those guys.
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Re: Hello EWA 3 years, 3 months ago #5

Having multiple fields for a club is important, people can get burned out of one field after a while and if something happens to your lease? You dont have another field to go to, to continue with operations. Sounds like you have a good thing going in Colbert.

I was approached with the indoor field at the north town mall and I turned it down because I felt it was too small along with a PD risk going in all tac'd out. After I left they went ahead with it. And I tried in the last year stopping by, but it wasnt there.

Well, if you were watching SA games on youtube four years ago that credit goes to Rob. He bought SA from me when I left, along with Rich and Jeremy. Its my understanding that the partnership split after I was gone. Spokane Airsoft was a club just like what you guys are doing now, with individual players and teams. But it has now morph'd into Pegasus milsim which is a business that puts on OPs Im guessing similar to Battlesim on the coast.

Does anyone have the address to Dales indoor field, I would like to drop in and say hi.
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Re: Hello EWA 3 years, 3 months ago #6

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314 East Jackson. It's right by the General store.

*its much better than the mall location was. It's actually very fun if you go there just to have fun and not have a milsim experience. Its worth trying, and you might even get addicted to the field
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